Bernard, co-founder, adds a multicultural facet to the business, with a French and Spanish heritage. With a true passion for India and China, he has worked 4 years in India and 2 years in UK. In 1990, he had his first professional experience in China.  He has been living in China for many years.

For the last 20 years,  he  has been  a  consultant and a Professor of Cross-Cultural Management & Organizational Behavior at Universities  in Europe (Dauphine, Sorbonne, IEP, INSA) Business Schools (EMLyon, ESCP-Europe, HEC Asia Institute), in China (Fudan, Zhejiang, Hua Shi Da & Shanghai Universities), and in Russia (Ekaterinburg University).  He has honed his expertise at MBA & Global EMBA. He has built Training & Research programs between Chinese and French Universities. He created and implemented the campus in Shanghai for EMLyon.

Bernard has been involved with Executive Education and Corporate University programs for firms and multinational groups in Asia. He has trained Chinese managers and CEO on subjects like:  “Conducting Business Across Cultures”; “Understanding Chinese & Western Cross-Cultural issues”; “Doing Business in India”; “Doing Business in China” ; “Global Team in Asia, Improving Cross-Cultural Management & Leadership ”; “International Expat, The New Stakes in China”.

Bernard is the author of several chapters, books and pedagogical films in the fields of cross-cultural issues, expatriation, leadership and business systems in Asia.  He has given conferences in different countries including South Africa, Romania, Algeria, UNESCO, U.K., Germany, Switzerland, China, Russia & India. He has a doctorate in Education & Social Sciences, Master’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, B.A. English in Sciences & techniques, graduated from Oriental languages in Paris and New Delhi.  He speaks French, English, Chinese and Hindi.